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[GER/ENG] Scumerama [PVE/PVP]

max Cars, no Mechs, 3 x Loot,


Scumserver Scumerama

Scumerama [PVE/PVP] max Cars, no Mechs, 3 x Loot,

Welcome to scumerama,

we want to keep you up to date here and give an overview of all topics worth knowing about our Scum Server.  First and foremost, our discord server is the first point of contact to get in touch with us.  However, there is also the possibility to get rid of a few questions here.  You can do that in the FAQ section.

Our Scum Server was founded in 2021 after the server on which we previously played as members was closed.  Having a cigarette and several liters of coffee at work, Frittenboy and I (Screeny) came up with the idea of ​​opening our own server.  According to the motto "said - done", it was down to the details.  If you now think that creating a server on GPortal would be the end of it, let me tell you that it's only half the job.

Scumerama Play on Our Scum Server

What do you have to consider?  How do you get players on the server?  What do we want to offer our fellow players?  What is the name of the server anyway?  Questions upon questions that we asked ourselves over more cups of coffee and cigarettes.

We quickly agreed on many points, but the biggest challenge took a few hours of brainstorming.  You don't even want to see the list of possible server names... In the end it turned out to be scumerama, based on the comic series Futurama.  Our Scum Server started on May 6th, 2021 with 30 slots.  True to the motto, small but nice.

After Frittenboy let his old contacts play, it wasn't long before we were able to welcome the first players.  However, in the beginning we were no more than 10 players at the same time.  What was the issue?  It quickly became clear to us that most players consider 30 slots to be too little and that we hardly fell into the grid of potential players when we searched in-game.

So we had no choice but to scrape together the last bucks and so it didn't take long before we increased our slot size to 50.  Since then we have been growing slowly but steadily.

 What can you expect on scumerama?

A healthy mix of PVE and PVP is important to us.  Doing this is a little harder than we thought.  We offer PvE zones, which remain PvE zones with us, as well as enough PvP zones for the die-hard gamers among us.

At certain intervals we also raffle a few giveaways via our discord.  Among other things, we have already raffled some Supportor Packs from Scum or an original scumerama t-shirt.




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